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Hello to All !

You may address me as ' Ms. Chell '. 

My business has been operating for over 10 years as a LMT, & celebrating the continued growth of my accomplishments. I offer non surgical liposuction, as an alternative and enhancement to my services. I am passionate about my career and my abilities to make the people better themselves through empowering one another and offering tailored treatments for weight loss (non-invasive), Contour and Drainage as well as many more, proper care for all your body kneads. Catering to your senses with exquisite hands on experience, treatment(s) sessions by Ms. Chell are instantaneous, really have you strut out ! 

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By Ms. Chell

During your *First year between ' 48 hrs to *1.3 yrs ' Heartthrob Harmony offers

"Braz. Manual Lymphatic Drainage by Ms.Chell" to cater to fresh post operative patients, utilizing exclusive exquisite method technique in order to instantaneously sculpts your body & balance your mind, body, spirit.

If you or someone you know had skipped most of the massages and resulting in further assistance in aiding due to not giving a shit then, I suggest to find a Licensed medical or massage therapist provider that treats hardened skin overtime. Heartthrob Harmony offers a range of services specifically for each body type, both men and woman to achieve their body goals. If you have fibrosis, poor circulation, need maintenance, book now or forever hold your stress 

**Properly handling with care, this is not pamper, simply a treatment, fast paced and heavy fingers._


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

This is a Pre-paid private owned personal suite inside office building. Please have deposit ready to secure appt.

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